Meet Your New Butcher

New to the block, but not to the scene.

Who We Are

The creator of The Boneless Butcher, Crystal Gomez, has been active in the Dallas vegan scene since 2017. Exploring plant-based food options around the country is what led her to pursue the idea of an all vegan butcher shop local to Dallas. There are many phenomenal vegan chefs in the metroplex, but we saw a demand for a locally produced product that our customers can take home and make their own. Creating top-notch meat alternatives for the local community has become a personal passion, and the possibilities are endless!

Our Mission

Our mission will be ultra familiar to most of our customer base, as our community tends to have the same goals in mind. We aim to create and provide delicious alternatives to animal based products in order to reduce the negative impacts on the health of our planet and our customers, and to put an end to animal cruelty. We hope to reach customers of all dietary backgrounds as a way to introduce greener options to everyone. Our mission is to make this lifestyle easier and more satisfying than ever. Every meal counts!

Contact Us

Dallas, TX